For our structural analysis, we use both Finite Element Methods (FEM) and classic analytical calculations as necessary, based on our long-term experience and our expertise.

We use Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis for the calculations, simulations and the optimization of components and complex modules and for the determination of physical properties.

We can calculate all sorts of steel constructions according to the EN 1990 (Basis of structural design), EN 1991 (Actions on structures) and EN 1993  (Design of steel structures) norms.

We can calculate constructions like:

  • ilos, tank support
  • Steel buildings
  • Steel halls
  • Steel towers
  • Stairs
  • Steel platforms
  • Railings

Strength calculations

  • FEM analyses Static, dynamic and thermal structure analyses and related documentation
  • Service life calculations
  • Determination of load collectives for design
  • Determination of reduced load collectives for testing
  • Determination of verifiable statics as per DIN
  • Crash calculations
  • Forming simulations

Structure optimisation

  • Topological optimisation for optimal form finding and minimisation of material use.
  • Lightweight construction, minimisation of weight
  • Structure optimisation for minimisation of materials and production costs

Safety & reliability analyses

  • FMEA analyses

Multi-body simulation

  • Multi-body simulation for load and performance calculations