Kametal provides the highest quality of industrial piping to companies throughout the world. We work closely with industrial facilities to design, fabricate, and install piping systems.

All of the piping is manufactured in our facilities in Belgium or Poland and can be assembled either in the facilities or at an on-site location. The piping undergoes customer specified testing to ensure a more than sufficient structural integrity.

The piping can be used in conjunction with other products fabricated at Kametal such as vessels, pipe racks, modules, skids and pump packages create an effective and safe piping system.

Proper fit-up, hydrotesting, heat-tracing or insulation are all completed by our engineers and tested before shipment, ensuring the pipe racks arrive ready-to-go at your plant.

We adhere to the following standard codes while designing or manufacturing any piping system.

  • ASME – B31 series
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
  • EN 13480 – European metallic industrial piping code
  • EN 1993-4-3 Eurocode 3 — Design of steel structures – Part 4-3: Pipelines
  • AWS – American Welding Society