Complete shop fabrication / pre-fabrication

As one of Belgium’s leading tank construction companies, we offer custom designs for small, large and ultra large tanks for the storage of chemicals and fuel, manufactured at our facilities or on location.

We take care of the entire process, from the initial design stages to completion. We also transport the tank to your site, install it and get your installation ready for use. By taking care of all the steps ourselves, we can be sure that everything is done properly.

Our storage tanks range in size from 5 meter diameter shop fabricated tank (max. 40 ton) up to and beyond 5m diameter field erected storage tank applications. We manufacture them from a variety of materials, including:

  • carbon steel: s235 s355…
  • stainless steel: 304L 316L ,304Ti, 904,alloy
  • aluminium
  • duplex

For the design, fabrication, testing and stamping of these tanks we adhere to the BS EN14015 standard as defined by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the API-620 and API-650 standards as laid down by the American Petroleum Institute (API).  We can also manufacture your tanks according to the strict Flemish Environmental Permitting Regulations (VLAREM). Furtehermore we construct tanks in accordance with EN14015

Our design team is capable of designing the appropriate storage tank that suits your requirement. As part of field erection services, our field division erects and repairs API-650 tanks on-site. PE sealing is also available upon request.

As we have production facilities both in Belgium and Poland, we can  select the most suitable one depending on the delivery address.

Tank manfacturing

Kametal has full capability to design and build tanks for liquid products, including:

  • oil
  • oil products
  • acids and other chemicals
  • water and water solutions
  • settling

We can custom build tanks with capacity between 50 l to 100.000 m3 in both carbon steel or stainless steel. We are specialized in building and repairing the following types of tanks:

  • pressure tanks and tanks without pressure
  • tanks with a permanent roof and tanks with a floating roof
  • single shell and double shell tanks

Tank repair, overhaul and modernisation

We realize tank prices can be high, and buying a new one might be too costly. In case of an imminent or actual tank failure, we can help you though as we are specialized in:

  • disassembly of old, used tanks
  • replacement of rusty tank elements
  • sealing
  • assembly of floating roofs
  • tank insulation
  • renovation of old varnished coats

All according to EEMUA 159 2003 and API 653


Kametal has a the area of 3500m² shop floor and 1 ha of hardened ground. Our shops in Halen, Belgium and Toruń in Poland produce the steel elements for our tanks.

We also manufacture:

  • working platforms
  • railings, parapets
  • ladders, spiral stairs
  • gangways
  • supporting structures
  • hanging scaffolds

Kametal manufactures tanks according to EN14015 and API650 and Codres division I. All access elements are fabricated in accordance with OSHA 3124 – R 2003 and EN 14122 standards. Our shops have an annual production capacity of approximately 3.000 tones.

Our shops have an annual production capacity of approximately plants 3.000 tones