Tank construction

As one of Belgium’s leading tank construction companies, we offer custom designs for small, large and ultra large tanks for the storage of chemicals and fuel. Either manufactured at our facilities or on location.

Industrial piping and skid fabrication

Kametal provides impeccable quality of industrial piping to companies worldwide. We work closely with industrial facilities from design and fabrication up to installation of the piping systems.

Pressure Vessels

Kametal constructs pressure vessels for industrial and commercial sectors. Whether your vessel is designed for Low Pressure, High Pressure or Vacuum, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Turnkey and Pneumatic transport projects

At Kametal we can build to order, but also turnkey projects creating value for you as a customer are within our capabilities. a turnkey project can comprise all essential project steps: starting from world-class design including the legal responsibility belonging to it, to fit for use and the final performance qualification of the delivered work. Kametal can also solve any pneumatic conveying, dust collection or air filtration challenges you might face.


For our structural analysis, we use both Finite Element Methods (FEM) and classic analytical calculations if needed. All based on our long-term experience and expertise.

Architectural and Civil constructions

Kametal provides the best solution for any welding application using state of the art technologies Kametal is using up-to-date cad software and 3D-modeling to visualize all components of any construction. This delivers optimal solutions for your specific and custom welding needs.