Turnkey projects

For you as a customer are within our capabilities. a turnkey project can comprise all essential project steps: starting from world-class l design including the legal responsibility belonging to it, to fit for use and the final performance qualification of the delivered Preliminary conceptual design (flow diagram, layout,…)

  • Detail engineering
  • In-house production
  • Electrical control
  • Subcontract coordination with our validated expert partners
  • Maintenance

Pneumatic Transport

Kametal is your solution provider for any pneumatic conveying (pressure or vacuum or both, dense or dilute phase), dust collection or air filtration challenge you might have. Our engineers have a vast database containing thousands of material characteristics to cross-reference working solutions. Take advantage of our experience! We share the testing and research analysis and outcomes with you, and submit a quote that meets your exact needs.

Every project begins with understanding your unique challenges: your operation, your conditions, your application and your needs.

We provide you with initial and ongoing costs, energy consumption, delivery dates, project timetables and deadlines before agreeing and proceeding to the next step.

Relying on our vast knowledge and years of experience our project management team will engineer and deliver your solution.

Onsite engineers will enable you to quickly get your system up and running, while training your operators. A rapid startup means you will experience maximum productivity with minimal disruption.

We can take care of the research, the engineering all the way up to the actual installation and start-up.